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Meet Kim Ruggiero

Kim is a student of human evolution and personal transformation, asking the big (scary) questions and discovering ways to thrive in hard places.

She began practicing meditation in 2004 when facing a chronic illness. Learning the practice not only helped her alleviate physical pain, it began a transformative process of healing and growth in all areas of her life.  

Other Credentials:

  • Certified in Mindfulness Meditation through the Engaged Mindfulness Institute 

  • Certified International Coaching Federation

  • MBSR training through Univ. Mass Medical Center 

  • Facilitator at York Women's Prison, Connecticut

  • Program coordinator for Integrative Health and Healing at The Graduate institute of Holistic Studies

  • M.A. in Consciousness Studies,  B. S. in Chemistry and over five years of study at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Art.

As a coach, she works with people navigating change or coping with difficult challenges. She partners with her clients in a process of inquiry and creativity to open space where insights can enter and new options emerge.

Common areas of work: 

Mindfulness Skills

Overwhelm/ Burnout

Stress Reduction

Chronic Illness

Recovery/Living with Addiction


Self Care

Self Confidence/Agency



Habit Change

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