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Mindfulness and Creativity Retreat July 7-11th Port Clyde, Maine



Art experience is not necessary. The retreat principles are based on the study and practice of deeper, more meaningful living drawn from the world's wisdom traditions; principles which are proven by modern neuroscience to rewire the brain.  


The six days include the process of creating art as a way to cultivating the skills of observation, perception and awareness. Kim and the team offer a safe, non judgmental space for learning and self-discovery. Other activities will include kayaking, yoga, and dance.


All activities are optional. Personal/group sessions, one-on-one art instruction, and journaling will empower you to emerge with a renewed sense of clarity, focus and confidence that you can hold your center regardless of what life brings.

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Embark on an experiential mindfulness retreat in one of the most beautiful, non-commercial places in America where you will learn how to practice mindfulness meditation and also engage with professional artists to explore the fundamentals of painting; experiencing the gorgeous Maine coast with 'beginner's mind.'

Your Guides for the Week...

While attending the Lyme Academy College of Fine Art in 2003, I had the privilege of meeting two amazing people who continue to inspire and challenge me. Bob Schweizer, Ken Dorros and I have been painting on the coast of Maine for over a decade. We share a passion for creativity, natural beauty, artistic methods and expression, and the simple joy of discovery that comes with being an artist.  Professional artists and teachers, Bob, Ken, Barti and Chris bring their unique gifts to our retreat experience and will be offering both group and one-on-one art instruction and personal attention.

Bob Schweizer, MD

Bob is a true a renaissance man. Educated as a transplant surgeon and researcher, he has been passionate about art throughout his life and pursued formal training at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. Bob is a former professor at the University of Connecticut and Dartmouth School of Medicine. In addition to painting, he has studied and lectured on the role of emotion in fine art as well as the related areas of creativity and neuroaesthetics. He brings to his work a sense of grace and elegance. He is a patient teacher and helps students see beyond the composition into the deeper truths of his subjects.  

Chris Schweizer

Chris is an experienced ballroom dancer. She will encourage participants to experience the pleasure of lyrical and expressive movement.


Ken Dorros, JD

Ken left the practice of corporate law 15 years ago to pursue his passion as a professional artist.  He is often seen painting on the farms of Glastonbury, CT and the coast of Maine.  As a teacher, Ken offers a playful, yet thoughtful, approach to the personal experience of observing and responding to the beauty of nature.  He enjoys teaching about the science of light, color and atmosphere and the fundamentals of how to capture those elements on canvas.  He believes focusing on process over product, relaxing the rigidity of right and wrong.  There is only immersion into the place and moment with the goal responding to and interpreting what we each observe, in our own voice.  Ken’s is exhibited in galleries and museums and is held in numerous private collections. 



Barti Bourgault, MA, PCC

A native of Maine, Barti is a professional coach, yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. She is currently acquiring her teaching certification in mindfulness meditation. She is the founder of "Beyond the Edge" and brings a vast experience in helping people grow and thrive. She received her master's degree in Consciousness Studies and currently an assistant teacher for the "Coaching with Spirit" program at the Graduate Institute in Bethany, CT.



 The setting for our retreat is a picturesque farmhouse and barn on 80 acres with ocean views in Tenents Harbor, Port Clyde.

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.Program cost $950. Includes four nights nice, clean, simple accommodations (usually shared), healthy farmhouse meals (including a traditional Maine lobster bake), group sessions and all activities except field trips to Monhegan Island and the Wyeth Museum in Rockland. 


Ferry to Monhegan Island ($38), admission to the Wyeth Museum ($15), and possible lunch and/or dinner out during these field trips is additional. All activities are optional based on individual interests. Space will be limited to15 registrants.  Reduced rate accommodations may be available upon request.

No refunds at this time.



  • sunrise painting/meditation session - OR - sleep in

  • mindful breakfast

  • mediation circle and group check in

  • morning activity (topic and experiential exercises - or painting session)

  • lunch

  • circle up - group session /  meditative walking

  • afternoon activity - painting session

  • free time

  • dinner

  • evening activity (guided meditation/yoga/dance/bonfire

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